Monday, November 21, 2011

Beware of free in the cloud...

Google has been shuttering all of its cool free toys they built. Remember Google Fast Flip? Google Body?
Google Wave? Eric Schmidt tried to paint the failure of Google Wave as a sign that the company's innovative culture continues to take risks and aim big.

"Our policy is we try things," the Google CEO said, hours after the company announced it washalting development of the complex real-time communication tool. "We celebrate our failures. This is a company where it is absolutely OK to try something that is very hard, have it not be successful, take the learning and apply it to something new."

Makes you wonder when they will decide GMail was a failure as a free service and either shutter it or put a price on it? Or shut down Blogger...

I like what CortexVortex said on SlashDot: "....This tells me that not only will I be using G'Linux / FLOS Software in the near future, and insist on hardware driver source-code, but that "The Cloud" I use must be built from my own servers, or not at all.

I think I'll call my globally accessible private personal network "The Closet"; I suspect many will identify with this terminology in terms of privacy for multiple reasons."