Friday, June 02, 2017

Macro for Outlook Calendars - Print two calendars at once!

For some reason Microsoft chose two include the ability to overlay two or more calendars for a single integrated view but never gave us the ability to print them.

Enter a VBA Macro!

Thank you SlipStick Systems - Diane Poremsky!

Works great.  Couple of items I changed up for my use was the date range of course and then Busy Status, Categories and Location. This code is all in the Private Sub CopyAppttoPrint()

    sFilter = "[Start] >= '" & Date - 7 & "'" & " And [Start] < '" & Date + 67 & "'"

   .BusyStatus = itm.BusyStatus
   .Categories = itm.Categories 'calName
   .Location = itm.Location

The result was a combined calendar that printed just like I wanted :)   Thanks again and note there are many other calendar tools/macros at SlipStick as well ( and of course check out the Whats new area.