Sunday, July 10, 2011

Windows 7 Explorer up button

Windows Explorer in Windows 7 does not have a toolbar! What? Yep, it is replaced by useless buttons like 'Burn' that can't be easily removed.
Found a great solution and it is FREE!
Has all sorts of options, allows a nice directory up button for times when the breadcrumb thing is not really convenient. Besides after having an up button since using Windows 3.0 through windows 95, and other words over 20 years, I wanted it back and the great Classic Shell makes it available again in in a small convenient package.
Maybe I will get used to the breadcrumb someday, but for now I have my up button and I can reset many other annoying features of Win7.
Here are a few other things classic shell can do:
  • Classic Start Menu is a clone of the original start menu, which you can find in all versions of Windows from 95 to Vista.
  • Besides the single up button next to the forward and back buttons, you can have your full explorer toolbar back with copy, delete etc buttons.
  • Fix the status bar
  • Return the copy/overwrite dialog to one that is familiar
and more...

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xpclient said...

With Windows 8, it is going to become indispensable.