Monday, October 22, 2007

Photography 101

Tonight I was reading on Ken Rockwell's site and ran across this:
" is much easier for a layman to use and create what looks like a technically passable, sharp and well-exposed image. As most beginners discover instantly, simply having the best tools and technically sharp images doesn't get the glorious, passion-inspiring results they intended. "
and then later on another page Ken adds:
"....Your camera has NOTHING to do with making great photos. You have to master technique of course, but that's just a burden to get out of the way to free yourself to tackle the really hard part. The hard part is saying something with your images.
Photography is art. It's abstract. Therefore it's difficult for many people to grasp. It's easy and lazy to think a camera makes the photos. It's easy to blame bad photos on a camera. When you get better you'll realize you would have been better off to pay more attention to your images and less to your camera."

These two statements summarize what I think I was feeling in my post last night. Dog-gone is harder than it looks :)

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