Sunday, October 21, 2007


I went out trying to get some good pictures. Here's two that I thought turned out pretty ok.

I took some time tracking that dang moth around and around the flower bed. Finally was in position to capture him. I actually ended up taking it in landscape but cropped out the extra detail and turned it to a portrait.
On the second picture I layed in the grass firing away at different angles looking at the shots. After I got back this was one of my better ones.
So I spend some time and get some interesting pictures. But contrast those to this one I got when my son, Ryan, came running at me guns a-blazing!!! This was not staged and I only got off one shot. I like it the best of these three :) and in some ways it is discouraging that without perfect timing, atmosphere, etc there are only good pictures not GREAT photographs.

So I keep my camera handy and am trying to remember to take it everywhere. I did get a great sunset picture. I took about 5 shots 5-10 seconds apart, tweaking the settings. Only the first one that I rapidly shot to capture the stunning orange sky turned out...slowly beginning to understand why photographers carry around a GPS device that shows sunrise and sunset time tables for wherever they are :) There are only seconds to catch that perfect shot...and in the case of a kid...well milliseconds before they expect you to fall out of the chair 'dead' from well aimed 'finger' bullets :)

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